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Warwickshire, England : Classification : Maps

Maps provide a way of understanding the distances travelled by those involved in wars and the nature of the terrain encountered en route.

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Classification:World War I, World War II, Boer Wars, Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars, Other Battles / Wars / Conflicts, Maps, Information
Title:British History Online
Description:British History Online
Extra Info:A variety of records and documents relating to the medieval and modern history of the British Isles.
Classification:RAF / RFC / RNAS, Navy, Army, World War II, Prisoners of War, Pictures / Photographs, Medals / Awards, Diaries / Log Books / Letters, Maps
Title:Burma Star Association
Description:Burma Star Association
Extra Info:The website is dedicted to all those who served in HM and Allied Forces or the Nursing Services in the Burma Campaign of the 1939-45 war. Includes a diary of the campaign and memories of thise who served.
Title:Genmaps, Old and Interesting Maps
Description:Genmaps, Old and Interesting Maps
Extra Info:Many online maps, some as early as 1550.
Classification:Graves / Memorials / Roll of Honour, Army, World War I, Pictures / Photographs, Medals / Awards, Maps
Title:Old Front Line Battlefields of WWI
Description:Old Front Line Battlefields of WWI
Extra Info:Includes some memorials to the soldier that died, battlefield maps, descriptions of some of the battles and much more.
Title:Old Maps of England, Scotland and Wales
Description:Old Maps of England, Scotland and Wales
Extra Info:As well as maps this site also includes a gazetteer of place names.
Classification:World War I, Pictures / Photographs, Muster / Militia Rolls, Maps
Title:Ramsdale Family History
Description:Ramsdale Family History, Including Selected Militia Lists 1781 and 1782
Extra Info:Click on site map. It includes details of the new army battalions 1914-18, information and chronology about the Battle of The Somme 1916.
Classification:Army, World War I, Other Transport, Hospitals / Nursing, Diaries / Log Books / Letters, Maps
Title:The Long, Long Trail
Description:The Long, Long Trail - The British Army in th First World War
Extra Info:A site with a wealth of information, including war diaries, commanders despatches, details about the regiments and battalions, trench maps, list of prisoner of war camps and much more information.
Classification:Graves / Memorials / Roll of Honour, RAF / RFC / RNAS, Navy, Army, Marines, World War I, World War II, Boer Wars, Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars, Other Battles / Wars / Conflicts, Prisoners of War, Discharge / Pension Records, Officers' Records, Service Records, Pictures / Photographs, Aircraft, Ships, Other Transport, Hospitals / Nursing, Academy / Training / Cadets, Muster / Militia Rolls, Medals / Awards, Uniforms / Badges, Diaries / Log Books / Letters, Newspapers, Maps, Information, Other
Title:Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Description:Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Extra Info:Comprehensive general reference for most military topics. Use its search box to find your areas of interest.

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