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Down, Ireland : Classification : Muster / Militia Rolls

Muster Rolls and Militia Rolls were early forms of census records listing and determining those who would be fit for active service in the event of war.

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Classification:Army, Napoleonic Wars, Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:Army Lists and Roll Calls from Find My Past
Link:Army Lists and Roll Calls from Find My Past
Description:Search Army Lists and Roll Calls
Classification:Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:Atavus Search Engine
Description:Atavus Search Engine Incorporating Fermanagh Gold Genealogy Pages
Extra Info:Easy to use search.
Classification:Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:BARLOW Genealogy and Family History
Description:BARLOW Genealogy and Family History
Extra Info:An archived copy of a site that is no longer active. Most information is still available to view. Includes a list of Barlow's on muster rolls. Click on the region of interest.
Classification:Navy, Army, World War I, Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:FERGUSONS of Ireland
Description:FERGUSONS of Ireland - One Name Study
Extra Info:Includes FERGUSONS who served in the military, also some militia lists by county.
Classification:World War I, World War II, Other Battles / Wars / Conflicts, Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Description:Ireland Genealogy Projects Archive
Extra Info:Includes muster rolls for some counties and some information about the Irish Rebellion of 1798.
Classification:Other Battles / Wars / Conflicts, Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:John Hayes Genealogy Website
Description:John Hayes Genealogy Website
Extra Info:Includes details of the Clonakilty uprising in 1798, also militia attestations for HAYES.
Classification:Graves / Memorials / Roll of Honour, RAF / RFC / RNAS, Navy, Army, Marines, World War I, World War II, Boer Wars, Napoleonic Wars, Officers' Records, Service Records, Muster / Militia Rolls, Medals / Awards, Information
Title:Search UK Military Records 1656-2005
Link:Search UK Military Records 1656-2005
Description:Search UK Military Records 1656-2005
Classification:Muster / Militia Rolls
Title:Ulster Historical Foundation - Irish Genealogy
Description:Ulster Historical Foundation - Irish Genealogy
Extra Info:Pay per view site. Click on Irish Genealogy Records to see what is available.
Classification:Graves / Memorials / Roll of Honour, RAF / RFC / RNAS, Navy, Army, Marines, World War I, World War II, Boer Wars, Crimean War, Napoleonic Wars, Other Battles / Wars / Conflicts, Prisoners of War, Discharge / Pension Records, Officers' Records, Service Records, Pictures / Photographs, Aircraft, Ships, Other Transport, Hospitals / Nursing, Academy / Training / Cadets, Muster / Militia Rolls, Medals / Awards, Uniforms / Badges, Diaries / Log Books / Letters, Newspapers, Maps, Information, Other
Title:Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Description:Wikipedia - the free encyclopedia
Extra Info:Comprehensive general reference for most military topics. Use its search box to find your areas of interest.

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